About Us

Since 2015, we have been in the forefront of developing creative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Georgia and the Caucasus.

We believe that by pooling our mutual resources - not only know-how, creativity, or finances, but also our shared traditions, cultural identities and entrepreneurial spirit - we can achieve true potential of the entire region of Caucasus.

We support the development of the creative industries in the Caucasus Region by closely collaborating with leading EU organizations. We are working hard to bring in Europe's advanced knowledge and experience to our region.

Our goal is to identify and support the development of startups with innovative ideas, to find new solutions for existing regional challenges, and to create a unified pan-Caucasian startup ecosystem.

We strongly believe in closest possible cooperation in the Caucasus - a region with rich history populated by diverse people who nonetheless possess common culture & traditions and shared identity of being part of a large European family.

Creative Caucasus ID/N: 404514101


It all started in December 2015 when we (under the name of Creative Initiatives) hosted first of its kind conference on creative industries in Georgia with active participation of governmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector and academia.

In March 2016, we joined Creative Business Cup (world’s leading competition for creative startups held annually in Copenhagen, Denmark) as a National Partner. Later that year, we organized first Georgian competition for creative startups that attracted young players from several economic sectors, such as: Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, Medical Equipment, Culinary Products, Architecture & Design, Music, Information Technologies, etc. Since then we’ve been organizing annual startup competitions in Georgia and regularly participating in Creative Business Cup Global Finals by taking winners of CBC Georgia competition to Copenhagen.     

Since fall of 2016 we have also worked closely with Creative Estonia on various projects both in Georgia and in Estonia. Projects consisted of jointly organizing workshops for young entrepreneurs, study tours, bootcamps, conferences, acceleration sessions for startups, startup competitions, etc. Jointly, we have organized first ever online startup accelerator called PESA Virtual Academy. Our partnership has been funded by Estonian Development Corporation.

Since the beginning of 2018, the scope of our organization’s projects have become more international. We have developed a new concept and hosted first ever Regional (Caucasus & Central Asian countries) and then Global Forum for Hospitality and Travel Industry Innovations called Welcome Challenge™ with participation of 25 countries. Supported by the Office of the Roving Ambassador of Finland to South Caucasus, we started close collaboration Finnish creative and innovative organizations and have organized several workshops, study tours and conferences in Helsinki, Tbilisi and Batumi with participation of creative entrepreneurs from all three Caucasus countries. We are in the process of expanding our scope of activities by collaborating with leading creative and innovation organizations from other Nordic countries.

Gela Andrew Suli

Gela Andrew Suli

Founding CEO of Creative Caucasus 

Contact E-mail: gela@creativecaucasus.org

Saba Kiknadze

Saba Kiknadze

Co-founder of Creative Caucasus  and Chairman of Jury at Creative Business Cup Georgia

Contact E-mail: saba@kiknadze.com